Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My Constitution Day Letter To The President

September 17, 2014

Dear Mr. President

I read a disturbing headline this morning; It said that one of our constitutional rights may soon be taken away.  Actually there have been several similar postulations and threats over the past few months and, frankly, they are believable because it is no secret that you and your administration are vigorously at work to trash our constitution and strip us of most of our rights.  In fact, you and I both know very well that you have blatantly ignored the rule of law and thumbed your nose at several of the amendments in our Bill of Rights.

So I just thought I would take this opportunity, on the birthday of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, to inform you of some facts.  Our rights do not derive from you or our government.  They derive from God and, regardless what you might think, you sir, are not Him.  They are inalienable; that means they cannot be taken away.  I’m sure you know that because you claim to have been a Constitutional professor (although there is substantial doubt about that). 

You swore an oath to protect and uphold that document when you were inaugurated.  Did you forget about that or was that just another of your many deliberate lies?

But I digress so let me get back on point.  You, sir, with a stroke of your pen or a phone call, may just declare our rights null and void or you may even mandate new laws by executive order. But I say to you, an illegal law is not a law and there are plenty of us out here in the Real America, who will not obey your illegal laws.  And many of us are inspired, instructed, and dutifully motivated by the preamble to our Declaration of Independence which I have paraphrased here for your convenience:
There are some things that are just absolutely and fundamentally true. In fact, they are so universally evident and understood that they don’t even need to be argued or defended. One of those absolute truths is that we are all created by God. And because He is the creator and the giver of life, no one, and no government has the right to arbitrarily take the life of another. Nor does anyone have the right to own, control or hold another person hostage. And, no one has the right to deny any other person the opportunity to pursue his dreams or ambitions. The right to life, the right to be free and the right to pursue happiness are all rights that are granted to men by God-not by government.

In order to secure and protect their God-given rights, it is the responsibility of men to organize governments for themselves whose ONLY powers are those that are granted to them by the willing consent of the people. And, with those powers, they must act righteously for the good of those they govern. 

Whenever any government becomes so destructive or oppressive that it threatens or diminishes these basic rights of its people, it is the responsibility of the people to change or abolish that government and create a new one that will most effectively secure their safety, freedom, well-being and happiness.

Governments that have been well-established and that have served well over long periods of time must be wise and very careful to remember their fundamental purpose and not substantively deviate from it for frivolous or fleeting causes. History has shown that most men will endure a lot of abuse and persecution and even evil at the hands of their governments as long as they think the abuses are tolerable because, over time, they become accustomed to it. Resistance is hard work and, frankly, it is much easier to just endure government encroachment as much as possible.

But when any government becomes so abusive and oppressive; when it systematically erodes the freedoms of the very people who established it and empowered it in the first place, to the point that it becomes tyrannical or dictatorial, it is the right, - no, it is the duty of men to overthrow that government and to organize a new system to guard their future security.

Mr. President, your administration already has and no doubt will continue to make our lives increasingly more miserable.  We have no reasonable assurance that you will not continue to dispatch federal thugs and goons to harass us and intimidate us.  And you might seize our property, incarcerate us, or even kill us.  That’s what tyrants do and you have shown us no good reason to expect less from you.  Nevertheless, understand this; there is a great, patriotic resistance out here across our country who value liberty more than safety and comfort and, if necessary, many of us are willing to bleed or even make ultimate sacrifices for our freedom.
So in closing, Mr. President, I hope you have a nice day and I look forward to the day when you no longer occupy the People’s House.  God bless America.

Respectfully Yours,


Ralph M. Petersen

(mailed on 9-17-2014)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

F is for Fabricator

(I originally wrote this in 2011 for a blogger "A to Z Challenge" that required writing 26 different blog posts in the space of thirty days with the subject of each post starting with a letter of the alphabet beginning with "A" and ending with "Z".  I have slightly edited it here for republication. 

In this post, I refer to a real person who exhibits many of the classical characteristics of a sociopath.   He did me a great deal of harm.  At the time, a former pastor and friend (who had also been a victim of his abuse) tried to warn me but I did not recognize the danger nor did I heed his or the scriptural warning from the Apostle Paul.  I have since become much more aware of the characteristics and the real presence of sociopaths in positions of power and influence within Christian churches and the severe damage they can cause. 

Here is my unscholarly commentary on the Apostle's warning.)

is for Fabricator.

We know very little about him or what terrible evil he did to Paul. All we have is this one brief statement and a warning written by the apostle to Timothy, “Alexander the coppersmith did me great harm; the Lord will repay him according to his deeds. Beware of him yourself, for he strongly opposed our message” 2 Timothy 14.

Some commentators have suggested that this Alexander might be the same one who is mentioned in 1 Timothy 1:20, and perhaps the same as the one mentioned in Acts 19:33.

God’s Word is instructive and every detail is precise and deliberate. So here’s what I might surmise from this short account although I must preface it with this disclaimer; I am neither a theologian nor a Greek scholar and I have no idea what I am talking about.

In the Bible, every name has a meaning. Alexander means protector of mankind. Perhaps Alexander truly believed that his opposition to Paul was noble. He might have thought that Paul’s message was too uncomfortable, too radical, or too narrow. Or maybe he just had a different point of view and disagreed with Paul. He no doubt must have thought that his calling was to protect the folks from the apostle and he would stoop to whatever means necessary in order to accomplish his purpose.

He was a coppersmith, a master craftsman, skilled at the art of fabrication. One of the definitions of the word, fabricate is: to make up for the purpose of deception as in fabricating evidence. Could it be that he took some of Paul’s words and skillfully twisted, hammered, and shaped them into something other than the truth?

Alexander’s medium was copper. Copper is a soft, pliable, and easily malleable metal. The word, copper, when used as a noun means to cover, coat, or sheathe. Perhaps he was clever at taking some, out of context, elements of truth from Paul’s message and deceptively covering or obscuring them with something so that it is not what is appears to be.

Whatever Alexander did, the apostle said of him, “he strongly opposed our message.” Incidentally, I think Alexander might have been the “thorn in the flesh” that Paul asked the Lord to take away from him. Certainly Alexander was a pain in the neck.

I also had an antagonist. For over a year he made my life miserable with his evil and false accusations. But I have not been his only target. I learned, too late, that he had caused much grief and contention in several local churches and other organizations. Like Timothy, I was warned by people who knew him,  to be careful but I did not heed the warning.

He considered himself to be the champion of the regular folks whom, he believed, were ill-treated by their pastors and leaders. He really believed that it was his calling to do the “heavy lifting’ for those who could not speak up for themselves.  Ironically, many of those he hurt the most were the very ones he claimed to be helping.

He is not a coppersmith but he is a master wordsmith with a smooth, glib tongue and a wicked pen and he is skilled at twisting the truth to suit his own purposes. On many occasions, he has taken true phrases (that I have uttered) out of context, covered them with lies, and fabricated them into something other than the truth.

What would the apostle do? He asked God three times, to remove his “thorn in the flesh.” God’s response was, “My grace is sufficient for you.” So, to his friend, Timothy, Paul simply said, “the Lord will repay him according to his deeds.”

I have to admit; I have imagined some very clever and crafty ways to get even.  My natural instinct is to retaliate; vengeance seems so sweet but that is God’s domain and not my prerogative.  So I guess Charlie the Wordsmith gets to keep breathing at least for another day.

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Christian Schools

“When schools prosper, the Church remains righteous and her doctrine pure…. Young pupils and students are the seed and source of the Church. If we were dead, whence would come our successors, if not from the schools? For the sake of the Church, we must have and maintain Christian schools.” Martin Luther

Sunday, August 31, 2014


As far as I know, I believe I coined the word.  At least I had never heard it used before and I have used it often since I first thought of it.

My wife doesn't appreciate it but I think it the perfect word when it is used appropriately.  Here's my definition:

Happycrap - noun

-the warm, fuzzy, touchy-feely kind of emotional chatter used by politically or theologically liberal people to manipulate non-thinking people into believing, accepting, and feeling good about their baseless and nonsensical ideologies in the absence of substantial evidence or truth.

The short video below is a perfect example of how "HAPPYCRAP" can be employed by clever charismatic church leaders, with pretty faces and gleaming white teeth, as they entice thousands of mindless minions with a false sense of security down the wide road to Hell.

Bill Cosby recognizes "happycrap" when he hears it.  Who knew Bill had the spiritual gift of discernment?


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Maybe You're The Problem

I have a distant cousin who has never been very successful in marriage.  A few years ago, he was complaining to me about his third wife.  As he ranted on about all of her deficiencies and character flaws, it occurred to me that his complaints about her were amazingly similar to ones he had rehearsed to me on many occasions about his first and second wives.  He is no longer married to her.  These days he is complaining about his fourth wife.

That reminds me of this humorous fable I heard when I was a young boy:

One afternoon an old man decided to take a nap on the sofa.  While he was asleep, his two mischievous grandsons rubbed some Limburger cheese in his moustache. 

When he woke up he smelled the foul odor.  “This room stinks!” he thought and he went into the kitchen.  He sniffed around the kitchen and said, “The kitchen stinks too!”

No matter where he went in the house, the odor was there so he went outside to get some fresh air.  When he drew in a great big breath he was shocked to find that he could not escape the rank smell.  “The whole world stinks!” he concluded when all the time, the problem was right under his nose. 

Bert thought those four women were great when he married them but, before long, he discovered their faults and each one turned out to be a big disappointment.  I suggested to him, that maybe his problem wasn’t with his four wives; maybe the problem was him.  That was the last time he ever spoke to me and I haven't seen him in over 30 years.  I guess the truth hurts.

“There are persons who always find a hair in their plate of soup for the simple reason that, when they sit down before it, they shake their heads until one falls in.”
                                                                                                               -- Friedrich Hebbel

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


It’s not that I love sick, disgusting, gory graphics. I don’t. But I resent the fact that our liberal, government-controlled media sources select, edit, sanitize, and spin what they deem to be politically correct doses of sound bites and info-bits to shape our thinking and conform us to their anti-American and godless ideologies. 

I want the truth. If my neighbor is an unstable, psychopathic serial killer, I want to know so that I can be alert and careful. I was disappointed a few years ago when Nick Berg and others were beheaded; YouTube, Fox News, and everyone else spared us the graphics. Michael Savage was the only one who posted the actual videos but they were pulled off after a few months. While it was up, I watched it a couple times. And both times it made me sick but I saw the face of evil and I know what it is capable doing. 

We have become a nation of wusses, weaklings, and sissies who can’t handle glimpses of reality. How are we supposed to recognize evil, identify it, and defend ourselves from it when our government and media lie to us?   We are purposefully deprived of the information we need to be vigilant. They tell us that our enemies are our friends; they tell us that Islam is a religion of peace and Christianity is a threat to our culture. They tell us that Israel is evil and their enemies are humanitarian freedom fighters. 

I just want the truth.   I want everyone to have access to information so that we can see it and learn from it.  This country has some serious enemies and many of them are inside our borders. And regardless of what our first Muslim president says, their threats are real; they hate America. They hate our culture, our religion, our values, and our freedoms and they want us destroyed. 

And that is why I am posting this video while it can still be seen. Watch if you will or bury your head in the sand and go smell some roses. The choice is yours but know this; truth can be found. You won’t find it on ABC, NBC, or CBS. Truth is not always pretty but it is always true.


Sunday, August 10, 2014


I know that a very large percentage of people who read my blog will find the graphics and content of this post offensive so either close it now or man-up and read and observe at your own risk.  

There is something horrible being practiced in our world today by extremist, terrorist practitioners of "the religion of peace" and is being largely ignored by the mainstream media and the illegitmate "Muslim-In-Chief" occupant of the White House.

Hundreds of children are being beheaded.  That's right-beheaded (that means their heads are being cut off while they are still alive). 

But the torture and murder of hundreds of children pales in comparison to the 50 million or more children that have been tortured and killed in our American abortion clinics.

If you are offended and repulsed by this picture

or this,

and you think this one is acceptable

or if you are not bothered by this,

then you conflicted, hypocritical, and you lack any kind of a moral compass. 

Quite frankly, I really have a hard time discerning the difference.

I'm just saying that we have no right to be outraged at the actions of barbaric Muslims while we practice our own brand of "sanitized" child torture for the sake of our personal convenience and comfort.


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Relevant Church - No Stinkin' Gimmicks

Do you want your church to be more relevant? 

A friend of mine often describes his church with this little phrase, "No stinkin' gimmicks."  I like that!

If the Word of God is boldly proclaimed from your pulpit; if your pastor's primary focus is on preaching the whole counsel of God; if he feeds you a steady diet of expository preaching; if he unabashedly tells the truth about sin and constantly warns you of it's consequences; if he is obsessed with the glory of God; you have a relevant church.  You don't need no stinkin' gimmicks. 

This is what church looks like when God's Word is ignored and men have other ideas about what is relevant.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Don't Get Caught In An Internet Money Laundering Scam

I Sold an old stove on Craigslist, sight unseen, for $450.  I knew this was a money-laundering, internet scam almost instantly but I played along anyway.
The buyer sent me a check for $2,000.  Following is the string of email communication between her and me (My responses are in red type. Hers are printed, uncorrected as they were).  Be sure to read this all the way to the end.  This was SOOOO MUCH FUN.

May 24  Craigslist internet reply:

I'll be free today until about 5:00 and would be happy to come see it , I'll be in tomorrow but possibly busy between about 4:00 to 6:00.Email me ASAP and we can arrange a time that works. Email me @


Sent via the Samsung Galaxy S(tm) III, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone

Ralph M. Petersen 
May 24

to chloe0pa5

I will be available tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon or early evening.  You can call me at (555-5555) to arrange an appointment to see the stove.

Yuette Upson
May 25

to me

Thanks for the prompt response to my mail. I will be buying from you so please kindly withdraw the advert from C.LIST. Please be informed that I will be paying with a certified check from my Bank it will be delivered to you via Service FedEx. How much is total price for the item and I'll need you to provide me with the following information to facilitate the mailing of the check to You Asap

Name to be on the payment...........
Home address...........
Zip Code..............
Cell phone #................

I will make arrangements for the pick up as soon as you have your money I am completely satisfied with the advert and the payment will be delivered within Next day Service.** I use a hearing impaired phone # and will receive your calls via email **

Ralph M. Petersen  
May 26

to Yuette

I appreciate that you intend to purchase the stove from me but I am somewhat puzzled that you have not actually seen it yet.  The stove is located in our store at  (address).  Business hours are …

The price on the stove is $450 and the total (incl. sales tax) is $486.00.  A check from your bank should be made payable to Ralph Petersen.  If you are going to mail the check, please send it to (my address).  You may take possession of the stove as soon as the check clears.

Unfortunately, until the stove is actually purchased, I cannot withdraw the ad from Craigslist. 

Thank you. 

Yuette Upson
May 29

to me

Good day and I do contact my secretary now to issue the payment to you and you will receive the payment on next week Tuesday because I will not be arrive at the moment. You will receive the payment via FedEx Courier services with the shipping funds to cover the shipment of the item I bought from you. Once you receive the check, have it cashed and deduct your money for the item also deduct $50 for your running around that I have caused you during the transaction period and send the remaining funds to the mover, and the mover is also picking some other valuable goods (like household, furniture's and electronics set.) at the same city of your location to my new apartment. That is why you need to help me and transfer the amount to the moving company..Please let me know if i can trust you? so that i can move forward from here i will get back to you with tracking number immediately the secretary email me the tracking number. Best Regard

Ralph M. Petersen 
May 29

to Yuette

I will do exactly as you have instructed.  $450. for the stove, $36. for sales tax, and $50. for handling.  I will cash your check when it arrives and I will retain $536. and forward the balance to the moving co. of your choice per your instructions.

Yuette Upson
May 31

to me

Thanks for your trustworthiness in this transaction , I just get information now that you will received the payment by FEDEX Service Today for confirmation, So as soon as you get the payment  you will need to go and  have the payment deposited in your Bank. Then  deduct  your money for the item as soon as you have the fund from the bank and also remove the extra $50 for the trouble I have caused you during the transaction period and have the rest fund  wire to my mover via Money Gram money transfer so that He can be  able to come for the pick up of the item any time from now or weekend. Here is my mover info to wire the remaining money to....

Name: Desmond Gellings
Address: 2087 Federal Way
City: Idaho falls
State: Idaho
post code: 83402
As soon as you wire the money to my mover i will like you to get back to me with Money Gram details such as:

1:Sender's name and address used in sending the money
2:The Reference number.
3:Actual amount sent after the money gram charges.

And mail me your best time for my shipper to come for the pick up of the items  also your map quest for easy way to my mover to come to your location.

Please note****All money gram charges should be deduct out of the fund wiring to the shipper..Thanks

Ralph M. Petersen 
May 31

to Yuette

Okay, I received your check (in the amount of $2,000.) today via FedEx.  Unfortunately, my bank is closed now and I will not be able to deposit it until Monday.  I will deposit it then and it will probably have a five day hold until the funds will be available to me.  As soon as I get confirmation from my bank that the check has cleared, I will continue the transaction according to your direction.

Yuette Upson
May 31

to me

OK  thanks and I await to hear back from you soon

Yuette Upson
Jun 2

to me

Hello Ralph, could you please let me know how soon will you get the transfer done and also best time for pick up!

Yuette Upson
Jun 4

to me

Ralph, I want you to let me know how soon will you get the money gram done and also best time for pick up cos the funds have clear in your bank now????

Yuette Upson
Jun 5

to me

Ralph, I am going to involve the police now if you didn't return my email and get the money gram done and set up time for pick up

Ralph M. Petersen 
Jun 5

to Yuette


I told you, the day I received the check, that I would deposit it and there would necessarily be an approx. 5 day hold.  I deposited the check in my account on Tuesday.  Today is only Thursday and my bank has told me that I probably need at least seven to ten days to ensure that the check will clear.  Your insistence on hurrying this, along with the fact that this transaction is highly unusual (as I indicated before), makes me cautious. 

As for pickup, you have the physical address where the stove is located and I am available almost any time to meet your shippers.

The better way for you to conduct this transaction (and the more expedient) would have been to simply pay me the amount of the stove plus sales tax, and you pay your shipper. 

I'm sorry for your frustration but I have a friend who has been scammed in a similar arrangement and his account was debited for the amount of the uncleared check.  I cannot afford that.  I don't mean to be accusatory, but I don't know you and I need to be careful.

If that is not agreeable, you might consider putting a stop payment on your check or maybe you should go ahead and contact the police. 

Otherwise, I intend to comply with your directions AFTER my bank convinces me that the funds have been successfully transferred to my account.

Ralph M. Petersen  

to Yuette

Yuette,  I thought I should inform you that I will not be sending the money gram to your shipper; the check is no good because the account is closed.  But you already knew that, didn't you? . 

First see this.

Then look at this.

Looks like you have done this to lots of other people.  I was born at night but it wasn't last night.  I am only out $10. for the return check charge at my bank but that's okay; It was the most fun I have ever had for only ten bucks; I really enjoyed playing you on this and I know it cost someone a few bucks to send the check via FedEx overnight service.  

I was going to report this to the police but I won't.  That's right, I won't call the cops.  Your money-laundering scam involves a Liberian Corp. in Virginia that generated the bogus check, a flooring company in Texas that mailed the check, and a freight handler in Idaho waiting to receive my funds, and you, a fake purchaser, supposedly located, who knows where?  That's quite an impressive network of pathetic scumbags and I can see how you can intimidate and pressure people into purchasing and mailing large sums of money BEFORE they find out that your payment is bogus. 
Like I said, I will not report this to the police; whenever criminals (that's you) operate across state lines, it is a federal crime and so I will be sending copies of all these email messages to the FBI and the IRS.  Furthermore, I will post them on my Facebook network just for kicks.  Also, I will add my report to the several others that have been submitted to Craigslist.
By the way, if you still want the stove, I would be delighted to sell it to you for the original amount of only $450 plus sales tax PLUS the ten dollars your bogus check cost me.  Please note, I accept CASH ONLY!   I look forward to doing business with you.  Have a nice day!


Ralph M. Petersen

PS  Your grammar and your spelling stink.

Monday, May 26, 2014

There Is No God; The Bible Says So.

There are at least 12 places in the Bible that CLEARLY state, "there is no God." 

(I'll bet I have your attention now, Huh?)

All scripture must be understood in its context and I think most Bible students understand that.  But I don't know how many times I have been criticized, by people who abuse scripture, for insisting on reading the words in their contexts.  They often defend their abuse with cute little phrases like, "Well this is what it means to me."  Or worse yet, "This is what the Lord is impressing on my heart." or "This is what the Holy Spirit is teaching me."

It doesn't matter what it means to you.  That's irrelevant.  The real question is, what did it mean when God gave it?  Or what does it mean if you had never been born?

It's God's Word.  He is the author and He meant exactly what He meant; nothing more and nothing less.  We do not have the right or the liberty to make it say what we like it to say.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Facebook Rewrites Genesis 1:27

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male, female, agender, androgyne, androgynous, bigender, cis, cis female, cis male, cis man, cis woman, cisgender, cisgender female, cisgender male, cisgender man, cisgender woman, female to male, FTM, gender fluid, gender nonconforming, gender questioning, gender variant, genderqueer, intersex, male to female, MTF, neither, neutrois, non-binary, other, pangender, trans, trans female, trans male, trans man, trans person, trans woman, trans*, trans* female, trans* male, trans* man, trans* person, trans* woman, transfeminine, transgender, transgender female, transgender male, transgender man, transgender person, transgender woman, transmasculine, transsexual, transsexual female, transsexual male, transsexual man, transsexual person, transsexual woman, and two-spirit created he them."

At this point, I think they would do well to remove the entire text between verse 27 through Geneses 6:5 and continue it here: 

"And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.

And it repented the Lord that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart.

And the Lord said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man, and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air; for it repenteth me that I have made them."
That about sums it up.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

How To Speak In Tongues

Wow! Don't bother watching the attached video. It is approximately 60 wasted minutes of inane, heretical drivel and unbiblical happycrap just to lead up to the actual how-to instructions which took about 30 seconds. Simply take a deep breath and then force out a string of mindless, disconnected, incoherant syllables.

I didn't find these "lessons" very helpful so I appealed to a different source. I found help when I became "filled" with corn chips from the Frito-Lay company. Near the bottom of the bag, when I was well-filled, I found an unusual chip with a dark spot that resembled a motorcycle. That was a sign; that was my miracle. That's when the great potato spirit brought to my mind, Japanese motor cycles.

The potato spirit gave me utterance as I recalled all the different brands; Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki. That's when I knew I was on to something. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, emptied my mind, and opened my mouth, all while thinking about Frito-Lay's chips. Then it happened; the utterances just flowed naturally. "Hondalay, hondalay suzukilay fritolay, kawasakilay hondalay yamahamalay."
There, I've got it. I feel so much better, now, knowing that I will spend eternity in motorcycle heaven feasting on potato chips.

Next week I am going to try to learn how to regrow missing limbs while smacking amputees upside the head.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Crotchety Old Cranks, Crabs and Sour Pusses

I have worked with old people (or to be more politically correct; "people of age") for about 20 years and now I am one.  I first wrote this post in Nov of 2007 but it is still relevant because there is always a new group of codgers coming up to replace the old dead codgers.  

Have you heard the one about the old guy who entered the diner and asked, “Do you serve crabs here?”
The waitress responded, “Sure, have a seat sir; we’ll serve anyone.”

I stopped at a fast food restaurant one day last year just before Christmas. After the friendly clerk politely received my order, I moved aside and an old woman stepped to the counter. The same clerk took her order. “There you go!” she said pleasantly as she handed the woman a cup for the self-serve beverage bar.

The woman grumbled something unintelligible; I didn’t quite catch it; neither did the server.  “Pardon me?” she replied.

“There you go! THERE YOU GO!” snapped the customer. By now she was loud and obnoxious and had everyone’s attention. “Doesn’t anybody know how to say ‘thank you’ anymore?”

“Thank you,” the server responded curtly.

At the beverage bar, the customer became even more incensed as she found the coffee dispenser empty. I could tell this was going to get worse.

“Hey Miss ‘There You Go,’ the coffee pot is empty, ” she mockingly yelled at the counter clerk.

“Thank you” the server sharply replied as she moved quickly to refill the pot and then sarcastically snapped back, “There you go.” By now I was really amused by this incident and I found myself chuckling at the subtle, retaliatory justice the server was enjoying.

The amazing thing about the whole exchange is that the old woman was not a bit embarrassed by her own bad manners nor was she appreciative of the immediate, attentive service she received in spite of her rudeness. Instead, she continued to rant about how nobody is respectful or well-mannered anymore.

We often excuse that kind of bad behavior in older people, but there is no excuse for it; crankiness and rudeness are not normal results of the ageing process regardless of circumstances. In fact, as we grow older, we tend to become more of what we already are. Polite people become more pleasant in their old age. Rude and cranky people become more crass and obnoxious with the passing of time.

“Let your speech be always full of grace.” Col. 4:6

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Well How Did All That Hopey-Changey Stuff Work Out For You?

YOU voted for Him so quit your bellyaching.  Please forgive me for making this personal by using the pronoun, YOU.  Maybe you didn't vote for Him but the fact is, Obama won His elections by getting a little over 50% of the votes.  That means that, out of every two people in the room, one voted for Him and I know IT WASN’T ME (or I) SO, STATISTICALLY SPEAKING, IT HAD TO BE YOU.

Okay, I get it.  You voted for a guy without credentials, qualifications, experience, and credibility just because you wanted to feel good about being a part of an historic event that seated America’s first black president.  I know, you thought it was going to be the beginning of world peace, the end of racism in America and all that other irrelevant happycrap.  Well how did all that hopey-changey stuff work out for you?  Not so well, huh?  And why you voted for Him again a second time, I have no idea.  Nevertheless, now, thanks to you, we are all stuck with this lying, dithering, vacationing, inept, law-breaking tyrant for three more years until we get a chance to possibly redeem our Constitutional Republic from the grips of His Marxist regime (if it’s not too late).

But I am fearfully skeptical.  The reality is that lots of people are just slow learners and are willing to do the same stupid thing all over again hoping for different results.  You will run gleefully to the polls, ignoring facts and shunning reason, and you will proudly cast an irresponsible vote for a disastrous candidate just so that, next time, you can feel all warm and fuzzy about electing America’s first female president.  By the way, Hillary tried to pass her version of Obamacare, and failed, long before Obama even thought about it.  

I can’t talk you out of acting stupidly.  All I can do is pass on information so that you might be  equipped with sufficient knowledge to make a wise decision. You may recall, before you elected Him, He told us exactly what He intended to do.  You just didn’t listen and now He’s doing it.

If only one out of every 100 fools changes his ways in the next election, we may get another chance so this time LISTEN.  Just like Obama, Hillary has said plenty to give us a glimpse of what she believes and how she will preside. You might guess that the following quotes could have been uttered by the likes of Karl Marx, Adolph Hitler,  Joseph Stalin, Lenin, Mussolini, Idi Amin, Nikita Khrushev, Josef Goebbels, Mao Tse Tung, Hugo Chavez, Kim Jong Il, or even Barack Obama.  But you would be wrong.  These words flowed freely from the heart and over the lips of Hillary Clinton.  So read them carefully and then next time, go vote Right.  If you continue to deliberately remain uninformed, fail to exercise discernment, thumb your nose at wise counsel, and continue to vote stupidly, we will get the government YOU deserve.

H/T to THE MASTER’S SLAVE  for compiling the following Hillary Clinton quotes:

1.      “We’re going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good.”

2.      “It’s time for a new beginning, for an end to government of the few, by the few, and for the few…And to replace it with shared responsibility, for share prosperity.”

3.      “(We)…can’t just let business as usual go on, and that means something has to be taken away from some people.”

4.      “We have to build a political consensus and that requires people to give up a little bit of their own…in order to create this common ground.”

5.      “I certainly think the free-market (system) has failed.”

6.      “I think it’s time to send a clear message to what has become the most profitable sector in (the) entire economy, that they are being watched.”