Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Short-Term Mission Opportunity

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

My family and I have a wonderful opportunity to serve the Lord on a short-term mission project. It will be a lovely and precious time of ministry as we get a chance to be an encouragement to the inhabitants of a strange world of multiple cultures. We pray that God will use us to build them up and help them find real purpose in their lives. This will be a one-week missions trip to the hot, humid swamps of central Florida that we trust will help carry out the spirit of the great commission as the Lord has commanded us; “Go ye!”

In order for my entire family to experience this wonderful blessing (something that has been my life-long dream), we will need a total of $15,000 to cover airline tickets, food, hotel rooms, passage to all the different lands of this mystical world, discretionary funds for undetermined needs, money to cover lost wages (so I don't have to use up any of my vacation time), and lovely, happy, feel-good tracts to pass out to the indigenous characters of Disney World.
One of the positive aspects of this mission opportunity is that we will not need to spend a lot of time mastering new languages. Apart from learning a few local colloquialisms like, "Bibbity bobbity boo," "Hiegh Ho," and "Akuna Matata," communication should be pretty simple.  Besides, most of the inhabitants are multi-lingual..

Will you prayerfully consider doing your part to build up the Kingdom by supporting us in this ministry endeavor? Your gift of any size will be appreciated, but the bigger, the better, since you cannot out give God and we would really prefer not to pay of any of it ourselves. After all - we are the ones making the sacrifice to serve in this manner but we know that you will get the greater reward for your sacrificial part in our labor.

Please make your check out to the Ichabod Baptist Buddhist Comfortable Church of the Open Heart and Open Arms.

Thank you for the very generous gift you are certain to give. Together, we can accomplish much as we show the love of God to all creatures great and small.  Oh, and by the way, if you cannot make a donation, at least you can pray.  Pray that we all have a good, safe time, that our luggage doesn't get lost, and that we won't be too overly stressed or uncomfortable during our trip. 

Ralph M. Petersen and family


Anonymous said...

A worthy cause and productive ministry if I ever saw one.

Anonymous said...

Mice, ducks and chipmunks are not of the elect. Midgets? Maybe.

Julie said...

I'm sure you will all be richer for the experience.

Daisy said...

So if I send you a check can you send me an autographed book on how I too can be rich and famous?

Harold said...

Now that's funny. Did you ever notice that most missionary support letters look like they were all made from the same pattern?
Thanks for the laugh.

Ralph M. Petersen-Always Right; Sometimes Wrong! said...

I first posted this three years ago. But all of a sudden, I am getting a flurry of these short-term mission letters requesting support. And, yes Harold, they ALL seem to have been crafted from the same template.

Stan McCullars said...

If you're really coming to Orlando you must get in touch with me and we'll get together!

Ralph M. Petersen-Always Right; Sometimes Wrong! said...

If I ever get down there again I will look you up.