Friday, March 26, 2010

I HATE GREEN! - Earth Hour - Symbolism Over Substance

It was Saturday, March 28, 2008 when I first heard of Earth Hour.  I logged on to the internet and opened to GOOGLE to do some research, only to discover that they have “turned the lights out” on their homepage as a meaningless gesture to “raise the level of awareness” for a worldwide energy conservation effort called Earth Hour.

This kind of senseless, emotional, symbolic blather (like candlelight vigils, walks, sit-ins, fasts, and horn-honking) all done for the sole purpose of “raising the level of awareness” really freaks me out; how does this gesturing without substance accomplish anything.

Google did their part to “Save The World” by changing the color of their screen from white to black for one day. And by their own admission, it does absolutely NOTHING – it saves NO energy; modern displays use the same amount of power regardless of what colors they display.

But is there really a problem anyway? I am not an expert or a physicist BUT, in my recollection of some elementary physical science concepts from my school days, ENERGY CANNOT BE DESTROYED, DIMINISHED OR DEPLEATED, it can only change in form.  It seems to me that all this extreme, fear mongering, tree-hugging, earth worshipping, hand-wringing, industry hating,  funny car driving, bottled water drinking, flatulence outlawing, global greening, sterilized liberal happycrap is nothing more than a rebellion against the Sovereign God who has created this world for our use and dominion and who will sustain it until He has accomplished His purpose in it.

So while the rest of you are all sitting around in the dark tomorrow night to “Do Your Part” to “Make The World A Better Place” so you can “Feel Good About Yourselves,” I will be doing my part to waste as much energy as I possibly can just because I can.

Tomorrow (Saturday, March 27) I will rise early in the morning to make a 600 mile round-trip drive to attend The Tea Party Express's Showdown in Searchlight Nevada.  I will burn up about 60 gallons of premium fuel in my gas guzzling FJ Cruiser which gets about 15 mpg.   And then, when I get home tomorrow night I will turn on all the lights and sit in my comfortably air conditioned house eating my micro-waved dinner, enjoying a refreshing, refrigerated soft drink and watching the Fox News Channel on my soon-to-be-outlawed, energy wasting big screen television.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Is God Sovereign In The Work Of Salvation?

Is God sovereign in all things? Do you really believe that? Are you sure? Think before you answer that.

I sometimes ask that question of my Christian friends.  And almost every one of them answers a resounding "Yes."  Then I ask, "Do you believe He is sovereign in the work of salvation?"  The answers I get are often surprising.  One person answered, "Well, He is to a certain extent."

Well, no He's not sovereign to an extent.  There is no extent to God.  He is not limited in any of His attributes AND if His sovereignty is limited, then He is not sovereign.

One very popular Christian television network host often says about the decision to be saved, "It's like this-God has voted for you and the devil has voted against you. It's up to you to cast the deciding vote."

That kind of prospect describes a god who is no more powerful than Satan and it renders me more powerful than either one of them.

So what is it?  Is God sovereign in salvation or can we, as dead men, initiate the regeneration?

For more on this, view this short video clip.

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Failure of the Church

"The church has failed to tell me that I am a sinner. The church has failed to deal with me as a lost individual. The church has failed to offer me salvation in Jesus Christ alone. The church has failed to tell me of the horrible consequences of sin, the certainty of hell and the fact that Jesus Christ alone can save.

We need more of the last judgment and less of the golden rule, more of the living God (and the living devil as well), more of heaven to gain and a hell to shun. The church must bring me not a message of cultivation but of rebirth.

I might fail that kind of church, but that kind of church will not fail me."

Stanley High

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Patrick Kennedy Credibility Gap That Everyone Missed

I won't say he is a liar but this seems incredible to me.

On the floor of the house yesterday, during his screaming, out-of-control rant Kennedy made this statement (starting at about 44 seconds into this video clip), "...someone said 'I can't go to a funeral and tell the parents of someone who just died that they lost their child in vain.'  Somewhere I heard that during the Viet Nam war."

Fact Check

The Viet Nam war ended in April, 1975.

Patrick Kennedy was born July 14, 1967.

Patrick Kennedy was eight years old when the war ended.  Maybe he did hear it but I am 62 years old.  We were engaged in the Korean War that ended when I was about six and I can't hardly remember anything about that. 

Friday, March 5, 2010


Today I received another membership card and application from the American Association of Retired Persons.

I cut up the card and sent it back to them with the following letter inserted in their own, postage paid envelope.

 Dear AARP

Thank you for sending me another membership card THAT I DON’T WANT.



I want nothing to do with your RADICAL LEFT AGENDA.


This invitation to join AARP reminded me TO TEAR UP THE CARD.

Thanks for the reminder; I have just completed my on line application to join AMAC (Association of Mature [Conservative] Citizens).

There, I feel A LOT BETTER NOW!

Have a nice day.

Ralph M. Petersen (a conservative NON-MEMBER)

was founded to be a 
conservative alternative to the AARP.  
You do have a choice.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Only Concealed Weapon Permit We Need

Ted Nugent "gets it."

Penn and Teller "get it."

In the last phrase of this video, Penn drops the "F bomb."
If you are prone to be offended, don't watch this. 

Why can't those pinheads in Washington "get it?"

Remember, when they outlaw pitchforks, 
only criminals will have pitchforks.