Monday, June 27, 2011

I Go To College To Git Good Lernin' and Thinkin' Skills and Stuff

When you forked over hundreds of thousands of dollars to educate you kid, did you really think he was going to come home like this?

It'll take you decades to fix what the university screwed up in just four short years.   And guess what!  They get to vote!

I especially liked the part where the dimwitted coed says, "I'm a democrat because I believe every child has a right to a fair and high-quality education."   

Hmm... I wonder if she also believes every child has a right to be born alive with all his body parts still intact?

This video was lifted (without permission) from Breitbart.TV

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Meghan Smith said...


wv. comentab: These colleges are brainwashing impressionable kids into comentabs. :-(